CNC Milling Machines

Milling machines are perfect for high-efficiency machining of materials including metals. They are also used for the preparation of extruding, stamping, and blanking dies. The machines are equipped with high-speed spindles, liquid-cooled in closed circulation with automatic tool changing to minimize the effect of the spindle’s thermal drift. The milling machines are designed to cut materials such as: steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, composite materials, and more.


Our milling machines are designed to take on almost any project, all day, every day. With proper routine maintenance, our milling machines are designed to last for years and keep up with all your project needs.


Customize most of our milling machines to fit any need or application. Our sales reps, with years of experience, are experts in matching you with the right options to fit your needs.


Our milling machines excel at cutting through a wide range of materials. Whether you specialize in electronics, automotive, construction or agriculture, we have a milling machine for your application.

Milling Machines


Specialty Machinery is the exclusive North American importer offering full sales, service, and support of all Kimla products. Their milling machines have been through rigorous testing and have consistently proven themselves to be one of the top premier brands in the world. Speed and efficiency are at the core of their product capabilities. Kimla, based in Poland, has been widely trusted in Europe as a leading name in CNC milling machines for decades. They provide customized configurations designed specifically for your business.

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Why Choose Specialty Machinery?

Premium Service & Support

When you invest in a milling machine from us, you can be confident that our commitment extends far beyond the point of sale. We are dedicated to providing continuous support and maintenance services throughout the lifespan of your machine. Our goal is to ensure that your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently for many years, offering you peace of mind and maximizing your investment in our products.

Quality Products

We are dedicated to supplying the finest CNC machines and tooling available on the market. When you select one of our products for your business, you are choosing a milling machine of exceptional quality and value. Our focus is on delivering equipment that meets rigorous standards, providing you with confidence in its performance and reliability.

Tooling & Accessories

Our tooling experts offer a complete selection of bits, blades, accessories and tooling support through our CNC Tooling Shop division. Whether you need specialized tools, maintenance supplies, or expert advice, our CNC Tooling Shop ensures that you have access to all of the essentials to optimize your milling machine’s performance and achieve superior results for all your projects.

Quality Milling Machines for Your Business

We offer the best milling machines, parts, tooling, and accessories, all with the expertise and experience to support your business. Connect with our team online or call us at (616) 956-6676 or (770) 831-1998 to find the best milling machine for you.