Sign-Making Equipment

Sign-makers need equipment that can keep up with all their largest and most complex projects. That’s where Specialty Machinery’s sign-making equipment makes the difference.


Versatile CNC Signage Solutions

CNC Wood Signs

Whether you’re planning to make them for local businesses or seeking to sell your own custom wood signs, a CNC sign-making machine is the ideal solution. Traditional CNC routers and CO2 lasers can engrave and cut wood signs with ease, allowing you to get a smooth finish and the most intricate designs for all your sign-making and woodworking needs.

Plastic Signs

Plastic signage and lettering are all the rage for companies seeking to lend a more professional air to their branding, giving sign-makers opportunities to work larger jobs. No matter which type of plastic material you’re working with, CNC routers for sign-making and CO2 lasers can cut custom designs of all types.

CNC Metal Signs

A high-quality router is a jack of all trades that can cut through all types of materials. That even includes aluminum. Aluminum signs are easy to engrave and cut when you use a router that marries tried and true cutting capabilities with some of the latest technology the industry has to offer.

Foam Signs

Foam is a unique substrate that works with many different cutting and engraving machines. No matter which types of designs you’re making with foam, there are multiple options sign-makers can use, including CNC routers, knives, and CO2 lasers. Any of these machines can cut through foam; the only design limitation is your imagination.

Get Quality Sign Making Machines for your Business

You won’t find better quality than our sign-making machines. Connect with our experts today to find your new engraving and sign-making machine.


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Why Choose Specialty Machinery

Premium Service & Support

Some CNC distributors will sell you their machine and then disappear once they’ve finished delivering it to you. That’s not the case with Specialty Machinery. When you choose our product, you can guarantee we’ll be there to provide support and maintenance for your machine for years to come.

Quality Products

We go to great lengths to provide you with the best cutting and engraving machinery on the market. Our experts put in the time to thoroughly research and vet our products, so you know you’ll get a high-quality, high-value product when you choose one of our machines for your shop.

Tooling & Accessories

Our experts provide additional router support, bits, and blades for any CNC router and other accessories and maintenance tools through the CNC Tooling Shop. This one-stop shop is the ultimate resource for sign-makers who are looking for everything from tooling recommendations to tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions


The best router bit to use for making signage depends on the substrate you’re using. However, many sign-makers prefer using a 90º V-groove bit. These router bits are multipurpose and enable easier lettering and design-carving on a variety of substrates, including metal, plastic, wood, and more. You can find more information on our CNC Tooling Shop website.